Other Infantry Roles

In addition to the standard rifleman, members of the 26th Rifle sometimes adopt secondary impressions to complement their primary rifleman impression. These can range from alternative combat troops such as combat engineers, to the support services like medical personnel.

These alternative impressions are also useful at public displays to help educate the public on the various roles a soldier of the Red Army could perform.

Reconnaissance Scouts

frolchenko_smAlways at the forefront of every major Soviet operation were the razvedchiki, the reconnaissance scouts of the Red Army. They were the elite d’corps of the Red Army, taking the role of both special forces and reconnaissance units. Every large infantry or armor force had a complement of scouts to help lead the rest of the unit in to combat. Scout units were well-equipped and often utilized special camouflage clothing to aid them in their role of discreet reconnoitering.

Scouts were the ubiquitous soldiers of the Red Army, fulfilling multiple roles that the other, more “modern” armies of the time period developed specific units for.

They were often used in the gathering of information via observation, capturing ‘tongues’ (a Russian term for German prisoners) to interrogate for vital intelligence, or more conventionally combat roles, such as prowling and investigating the enemy’s defenses. In major attacks, the scouts were often used to find routes to the enemy and lead troops forward to open the battle.

Combat Medics

The Soviet medical system was advanced and well-developed when compared to the Western nations at the outbreak of the war. Soviet combat medics in World War 2 were responsible for providing medical care to wounded soldiers on the battlefield. They worked both directly on the front lines to rescue and stabilize wounded infantry, often coming under fire from enemy forces. Additionally, they were tasked with the setup of both impromptu aid stations and larger field hospitals. They had to be skilled in both simple first aid and advanced battlefield medicine in order to treat the wide range of injuries that they encountered, both from active combat as well as the day-to-day rigors of a soldier’s life in the Red Army.

Combat Engineers

Soviet combat engineers were a crucial part of the Red Army during World War 2. They were responsible for the creation of defensive fortifications, as well as building and repairing bridges, roads, and other infrastructure. They also performed combat operations, such as destroying enemy fortifications and bridges.

Engineers additionally safeguarded Soviet ground forces through the discovery, removal, and setup of minefields and explosives.


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