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Suppliers / Vendors – A good place to find hard-to-find equipment and sizes! – A specialist in Russian WWII gear- all Russia has to offer – A Northeast dealer of quality reproduction and surplus gear. – Providing film services and hosting excellent militaria
shows for our GI and British comrades!

Reenacting Units – The 3rd Panzer Grenadier Division- our brother reenacting organization – The 272nd Fusiliers, hosts of the annual Odessa tacticals. – An East Coast Red Army reenacting unit – The 2nd SS Regiment Deutschland, located here in the Northeast Unites States – The 26th Yankee Division, located in the Northeast Unites States

Reference and Other Sites – High Caliber Films, dedicated to the sacrifices made by the men and women of the armed forces. – A meeting ground for all reenactors! – The place for all beginning Red Army reenactors to start!, STAVKA Section – The basic training pages of the RKKA,
through Red Army Online. A great way  to see what reenacting entails!

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Disclaimer: The 26th Rifle Division is a non-political organization, and does not support or condone extremist views, nor allow such behavior in the group.