Joining the 26th Rifle Division

coverMembership in the 26th Rifle Division is open to anybody 18 years of age or older, and located within or near the Northeast United States.  The overall cost of the kit will be around $500 (sometimes less), depending on how carefully, and where, you shop from. They will be expected to complete their kit within one year, but don’t let that discourage you- we will help you find all you need! Talk to the CO about the best places to buy your gear from.

For those who want to try reenacting out, we will loan you all the weapons, equipment, and gear you will need for your first event. We realize that some people may be hesitant to immediately spend $500 on something they may not like! By loaning you all you need, you can try out reenacting with the 26th Rifle Division without spending a dime.

If you are interested in joining, or are even only considering joining and have some questions- send us an email:


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    Disclaimer: The 26th Rifle Division is a non-political organization, and does not support or condone extremist views, nor allow such behavior in the group.